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Very early-access of the RPG Clicker game.

You are an orphan and you were raised by poor towns people. One day when the Demon King woke up, your whole town perished by the hordes of demons that passed the town leaving broken buildings and all your friends and family dead.

You have one goal, this goal is go to the Guild Hall that were suppose to have heroes ready to fight these monsters, but to your surprise you find the Guild Hall and the town in shambles.

Dedicating your resolve you decide to repair everything and make your own town and Guild Hall to fight the waves and conquer the hordes of demons and kill the Demon King.

You need to have the basic materials as you are starting from scratch. You need to harvest tree logs, stone, ores so that can produce better things.

The materials that you harvest can be produced into weapons & armor & healing aid, better produced items that is required for lots of things in the games that are shown down below. You can also create nice tools for yourself to use to harvest faster and better quality. These tools / weapons & armor can be given by the hired peasants & heroes in your Guild Hall.

The horde of Demons that passed the previous Guild Hall Town is now in ruin, it is now up to you to take up the hammer and repair everything that was lost and make it more glorious than what it was and train your heroes and yourself to fight back and take back your land from the Demon King.

All the repairs done to the buildings take time to complete and you can assist with reducing the build time by clicking for faster progress. How fast can you rebuild the whole town?

There is a wisp that you will find in your travels to the Guild Hall. This wisp has the ancient knowledge of the previous heroes of the lands. Bring the required materials & produce to the wisp so that it can unlock the ancient knowledge from the archives for you to progress.

Fight the monsters and get strong enough with the powerful gear you create for yourself and take on the Demon King and put an end to the destruction!!

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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