Guild Hall Adventures - Devlog #1

Weekly Update!

This week I have made sure implement 1 feature each day at the very least! and will continue to do this, when I get the chance to do a bit more on the game, then I will.

New inside the project.

  • Enemies healthbars are working across multiplayer.
  • Enemies patrol.
  • Will chase the closest player.
  • Stops chasing a player once the player is out of reach.
  • XP is now rewarded to all players in the lobby when an enemy is killed. (only visual is the mini bar next to the chat box)
  • Players healthbars are working as well and updates as the enemy gives damage.
  • Players healthbars and name tag can be hidden with the V key.
  • TurboPig joined the Team and will assist with the programming side of the game.
  • Basic particles now play when the enemy hits the player and when the player hits the enemy. (This will change to real blood splatter)

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We are aiming to grow Guild Hall Adventures as big as possible. Let us complete the game.


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Mar 10, 2022

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