Guild Hall Adventures - Devlog #3

Weekly Update!

New things inside of the project.

  • Minimap
  • Name & Level Frame top left
  • Health & Mana display
  • Spell Bar
  • Inventory button added
  • Open inventory with the " i " shortcut key
  • Items can now be looted off the ground
  • You can equip gear and gain the benefits from them
  • You can level up while killing enemy mobs outside of town (max level is 6 atm)
  • Character experience and name is saved, your character which you create can't be deleted for now, but will make it possible soon
  • You can create a character (customization still in progress) 
  • Game scene has been updated and still in progress
  • Goblins now respawn after 10 seconds


  • Experience bar adjusted to a new position
  • Chatbox temporarily moved (need to decide on design)
  • When a window is opened, it can be closed by pressing the ESC key

If you want to join the community, then hop into Discord with us. I also have a more in-depth explanation of what new features are incoming and final thoughts with each weekly update on the Discord.

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We are aiming to grow Guild Hall Adventures as big as possible. Let us complete the game.


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Mar 25, 2022

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